Director of the Romanian Institute of Culture in Warsaw invites

Dear friends of literature,

what a wonderful opportunity to meet up is provided to all lovers of literature by the Warsaw Book Fair! Those who write it, publish it and read it, all gather around during the Fair to get better acquainted with each other. And what a privilege for Romania - as a Guest of Honor - to be at the very heart of this attention and to boast the rich literature and achievements of the Romanian authors!

2019 is an important milestone for Romania and its relation with Poland: we are celebrating 100 years of Romanian-Polish diplomatic relations (1919-2019), and Romania is currently holding the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union. These are both outstanding reasons to highlight and recall the history of a friendship between nations, as well as to bring to light our common views, values and experiences. And to make plans for the future.

Our heroes these days are the books. It is through them that we learn about our past, present, and try to decipher the future. The Romanian literature has great plans for the future in Poland that will unveiled during the fair through specially dedicated events. Other elements of the Romanian culture will revolve around the books, thus reflecting our desire to stir up your curiosity for its scale, diversity, strength and richness of contemporary Romanian culture.

Having this in mind, I invite you to lay the foundations of literary friendships. Between writers, readers and editors. Between institutions that cherish and support literature and culture in general. It is culture that unites us all in this brisk walk through history.

Sabra Daici
director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Warsaw




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